Frijoles Charros

Soy Poblana

This is Beans

Mexicans and their beans: they love ’em! They have them with everything, whether it’s breakfast, lunch or dinner. And it’s not the just the one type – there are various, with different tastes, shapes, and consistencies. I’ve never been a beans kind of a gal. I like beans, but not with everything and I never crave them, that’s for sure. If they’re there I’ll eat them, but I never miss them. I feel this makes me less Mexican. Maybe I’m not a ‘real’ Mexican but after living here long enough you start to feel that you’ve at least become culturally Mexican. If you’re going to be a great lover of Mexican food, I think having a thing for beans is important. Well I have finally discovered that love.


If you haven’t realised (you must have realised!), since moving to Puebla, I have fallen in love with the…

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